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I know it’s been awhile since I posted because I really haven’t sewn much in the last year. I have been having too much fun reading and working my Premier Designs Jewelry business. I do need to get a few quilts knocked out for my nieces though. SO hopefully there will be some new posts soon.

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The end of October was a whirl

I’m glad October is over. The last few weeks have been a  whirl. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it but not much time to reflect. I finally finished my daughter’s see-through dance bag, no leaving dance shoes behind. I then designed and sewed up a huge spider faux-fur coat for my neighbor; that was a pretty unique request and quite fun. We visited the NC State Fair for the first time. I enjoyed looking at the quilts, I just wish they had allotted more space for them. Then I planned my son’s birthday party, complete with a home made Lego Racer 3000 cake. Good thing I let my mom buy the kids Halloween costumes or there would have been no sanity left in my month! My daughter was a princess and I was a butterfly…when I got tired of a wearing the wings I turned into a witch… how’s that for a transformation. LOL.  Secretly, I dressed up just so I could wear the fake eyelashes. 🙂

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Color forecasts for 2011

Check out what the experts are predicting to be the color palettes for next year. If turquoise is the color of 2010 then I’m guessing red will be the color of the year next year.

Color forecasts are intriguing to me because I want to know what will be in the home-goods market when I finish quit samples and patterns. I want to know that what I design and make will still be relevant when they are done. (Very difficult when you think about the 30+ unfinished projects on my shelf… some dating back more than 7 years.) I don’t look at forecasts to tell me what colors I need but to inspire me. Ultimately I have to make what I like and get excited about or it will never get finished because it will get replaced with something else that excites me.

Pantone 2011 Forecast.


What’s your color forecast for the next year?

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I love baby showers!(and Momo)

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My spirit just sings at the opportunity to make something special for an expecting mom and new little one. I received an invitation to a baby shower just before Stash Dash started so I was on a mission to find just the right textures and fabrics for a special baby girl.

I always check the baby registry to get an idea of the expecting couple’s theme and color scheme. I knew it would be a girl and the registry showed me owls, and brown. Lucky for me “It’s a Hoot” by Momo precuts had just come into Wish Upon a Quilt the week before. I was just looking for an excuse to snatch a charm pack up. I was able to make the blocks for the quilt and embellishments for the burp clothes from the one charm pack. I did substitute two green squares from a Free Bird charm pack for the setting triangles because I wanted more “solids” for the setting triangles.

The block and setting was inspired by an antique quilt that caught my imagination while looking through the antique shops in Selma. I found the wonderful homespun’s and flannels at Carolina Sew-n-vac. The minkee came from my stash. The owl flannel was leftover from antoher project as well. This project was packed with lots of soft textures. I ragged the owl applique on the back to up the ante on soft textures.

I was able to get everything done within two weeks – and that was with a  week of “shopping” for the “ingredients” while stash dashing.

I had to tie everything up as a “diaper cake”, I just couldn’t resist the cute idea.

So what do you think? What is your favorite baby shower project?

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The dolly dress block is too cute – 

The dolly dress block is too cute – Holly Blog: My Favorite Things…186…A “Little Deb” will do Ya! – Mozilla Firefox http://ow.ly/2OqJ8

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Wow Accuquilt has made Die cutting more affordable

Wow Accuquilt has made Die cutting more affordable. See the GO! Baby Fabric Cutter | AccuQuilt – Mozilla Firefox http://ow.ly/2Nv9b

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FabShop Hop is a virtual shop hop for qu

FabShop Hop is a virtual shop hop for quilting and sewing enthusiast, check out the cupcake hop! Fun- Mozilla Firefox http://ow.ly/2NtZz1

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